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“I’m so proud to call Grady a friend & fellow magician....he’s inspired me to always shoot for the stars just like he does! We worked a volunteer magic gig together & Grady was the first one to approach the guests & AMAZE them! His future is shining just like him.”

Jimmy C, Award winning magician & entertainer 


“Grady is a pleasure to be with & work with. He’s a very talented, thoughtful young magician, constantly developing new methods which he demonstrates to magicians several times his age. In addition to the many performances Grady has done on his own, he is quite often asked to perform as an equal partner with older magicians. Beyond being an excellent performer & mentor for other young aspiring magicians, Grady is a good friend & role model.”

Fred Apel, esoteric magician 

“Grady Jacobs is truly an amazing young magician who loves learning more & more magic tricks & uses them to entertain with great enjoyment.”

Dr. Simon J. Carmel, biographer/historian for deaf magicians, Boca SAM President 

“Grandmaster Grady Jacobs is a young man who is passionate about the art of magic. I have relished watching him grow as both a person and as a performer over the last several years, as he’s developed his own unique style.”

Alan Kratish/GrapeWiz, South FL Discover Magic instructor


“Grady is the hardest working junior magician I know.”

Eric Leclerc, Big Trick Energy, truTV


"Grady Jacobs was invited to perform at Magic at Coney!!! at the beginning of the 2019 season. He was introduced as “Grand Master Grady” and was recommended by his magic club in Florida. Grady exceeded all of our expectations. He was engaging, composed, and professional in his artistic presentation. Grady possesses that spark that EVERY entertainer strives for, the ability to hold the audience’s attention and leave them wanting more. I am happy to call Grady one of the family of artists who comprise Magic at Coney!!! We look forward to his return.”

Gary Dreifus, M.C. & Producer of Magic at Coney


“Grady Jacobs did a fabulous job performing magic tricks at our Kol Tikvah Hadassah Card Party in Bellaggio. Grady went to each table of guests displaying a myriad of tricks. Grady is an exceptional young man. We hope to have him back to entertain us in the future.”

Robin London, President Kol Tikvah Hadassah Bellaggio


“Grady is an outstanding up and coming young magician.”

Billy Byron, Society of American Magicians, Regional Vice President 

“Grady’s magic show at the library was very entertaining. He had all the children mesmerized.”

Michele Andrews, Library manager, Parkland library 

"What a delight to have Grand Master Grady perform at our event! Grady wowed the entire audience with his skilled sleight of hand and amazing card tricks-all delivered with a good dose of humor. His passion for magic is not an illusion!"
Speak Now For Kids-powered by Children’s Hospital Association 

"The future of magic is in good hands as seen in the quality of performing that Grady has shown us. He is a true star in magic."

Mark Horowitz, past president of Ft. Lauderdale SAM and IBM, past membership chairman of International IBM, and historian of magic

"Grady’s talent and personality wowed all the guests during our online Harry Potter Celebration. He prepared to theme and personalized the celebrants experience. We’re so delighted we worked with him." Team

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